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Flora Harrison, the brand, was born in 2012. From my base in urban Haringey, I dream up simple, elegant shoes, bags and coats to lift us above the humdrum of life.


I dare to dream.


From the age of six until I was eleven, I lived with my grandmother in a small Village in Chile. My school was a three mile walk from home, and this long journey took me through rocky terrain with few trees, but with a wonderful view of the Andean mountains. I dreamed up other worlds whilst I stared up at the Andes. Upon this stark landscape, my imagination painted vivid creations - I even thought if I could climb to the top of the mountain, I would be able to touch the sky.


My love of the ethereal and delight in unimaginable beauty has

stayed with me into adult life.


I longed to make beautiful things for other women to delight in. My dream was to start my own luxury brand, and so I began my journey towards this goal while I was still living in Chile. I studied Haute Couture at the Haute Couture Academy, then I went on to further my studies at the London College of Fashion, and I have also gained experience in high end retail, to better understand the desires of women

looking for luxurious items.


A natural perfectionist, I work closely with elite Italian and Spanish manufacturers to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship in my products.


Come with me to discover the ethereal made tangible.










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